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Ms. Belize Spivey is the STD Life Coach, that has helped millions of African-American men and women to face the stigma of STI. Ms. Spivey knows firsthand how the STI stigma can affect your life as she was infected herpes 10 years ago while attending Auburn University for Bachelor of Science in Business Administration. After her diagnosis, it created a passion to help other African American women and men that also contracted the virus. In May 2014, she received her Master of Arts in Human Services Counseling: Life Coaching from Liberty University and began to offer life coaching services for women who contracted the virus.

In August 2015, she launched her non-profit organization Overcoming the Stigma. The organization offer online support groups for women, monthly video support group sessions, YouTube videos, webinars, and annual conference. In 2016, Ms.Spivey launched her STD life coaching business, where she offer office visits, phone, and video conference sessions.

Through these methods she uses a transparent approach to help her clients confront their emotions, daily decisions, and the uncertainty of their future. After launching her organization she saw a need to share her story on a large scale through a book. Ms. Spivey didn’t see one book write by an African American woman living with herpes. She choose to be the first.

Ms. Spivey was able to overcome the mental, physical, and spiritual elements of contracting the STD which she speaks about in her book “Overcoming What Can’t be Cured: Living Beyond Herpes .” In her book, she shares her full journey with overcoming the stigma of herpes from single woman, to single mother, to a married woman.

Ms. Spivey vision is to continue to educated African American women how to overcome the stigma of STIs. She missions to bring national attention to herpes in the near future.


Certified Life Coach by Tony Gaskin

Mental Health First Aid USA

Ambassador for America Sexual Health Association

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